Samuel Rogers drops Eduardo Adorno 4 Times at Boxing in Paradise 6

When the fight was first announced in July, unbeaten middleweight Rogers (14-0 with 8 KOs) was set to take on Missouri’s Bryan Baue, but a switch in the card had him facing off Saturday against Puerto Rico’s (2-20-1, 1 KO) with little-to-no time left to learn more about his opponent’s fighting style.

But that appeared to make no difference in the ring Saturday. Rogers, who climbed in around 10:19PM, had time to knock Adorno out (making him fall four times in two rounds), give a speech and complete media interviews by 10:36PM. Rogers won by way of knock out 1:26 into the second round.

“I didn’t know who I would be fighting until the very last minute,” Rogers said after the fight. “He even told me in the locker room tonight that he was going to knock me out — but that didn’t matter. I came out mentally prepared for anything — this is what I’ve been training for and there wasn’t anyone in the world that could have beaten me tonight.”