John Jackson Ranked No. 15 In WBC Super Welterweight/Junior Middleweight Division

John Jackson Ranked No. 15 In WBC

Super Welterweight/Junior Middleweight Division

340 Boxing managers announced this weekend that V.I. boxing champion John Jackson has been ranked No. 15 in his weight class by the World Boxing Council.

Jackson’s performance in bouts over the past few months have helped to boost his status – just two weeks ago, Jackson (15-1 with 14 KOs) scored an easy first-round knockout on ESPN2’s March 8th “Friday Night Fights” card, which won him high praise from the crowd watching in Atlantic City, along with sports bloggers and experts reporting from all over the world.

“The crowd loved it,” Jackson said after his latest fight. “It was really a great night for the Virgin Islands – it was a great fight, it was a great showing and the amount of people that showed up there from the territory was a real blessing.”

Now, as Jackson’s ranking continues to rise, 340 managers are gearing up for future bouts, which could bring the 23-year-old boxer back into the media spotlight as a featured contender on up-and-coming fight cards.

“We have several things in the works for all three of our professional boxers,” 340 manager Jose “Tony” Rosario said over the weekend. “This latest development in John’s career will really help to catapult him forward, and we are extremely proud of what he has been able to accomplish – especially with just 16 professional fights under his belt. This announcement by the WBC is really a testament to John’s talent as a boxer, along with his hard work and determination. We look forward to the day when we can announce that he has been named No. 1.”

Details of upcoming fights will be made public once confirmed. Until then, 340 Boxing fans are urged to visit for additional updates.

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