Thursday Iron Man Competition on St. Croix!

340 Boxers John Jackson and Julius Jackson will be heading to St. Croix Thursday, December 19th  for the Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility’s Iron Man Competition, which is being coordinated by inmate Roberto Smalls and members of the Prisoners Advisory Council.

All media members are invited to join our fighters at the event between 3-5 pm –we’re hoping for some positive coverage that will help shine a light on these efforts, along with 340 Boxing’s support of the program. Other local guests include Mr. Reo Petersen, a firefighter and former baseball player and Mr. Melvin Mills, a tri-athlete and V.I. National Guardsman.

The competition consists of the following:

•             15 Pullups

•             15 Dips

•             20 Pushups

•             Tractor Tire Roll

•             Run Through Tires

•             Military Crawl

•             Carrying 2 Buckets of Water

•             Run around the Rec Yard

•             Climb a 7ft wall

•             Jump 3 Hurdles

•             Race to the Finish (Fastest Time Wins)

Since his return to the Virgin Islands in 2009 to serve the rest of his prison term, Roberto ‘Rabbie’ Smalls has had the vision of ‘reaching out from within’. He has been invited to many schools to tell his story and has also mentored fellow inmates. In an effort to assist in maintaining a non-violent atmosphere among the inmates, along with giving them something to do/look forward to, Smalls has successfully coordinated 3 basketball tournaments (to include All Star Teams from STT & STX vs Inmates) and 4 Iron Man Competitions.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
-340 Boxing Media